Create your local adventure

1. Consider a Restaurant/Dessert shop (WNY Restaurant Directory link under "TOOLS").
       a. Write down your choices and come back to this blog.

2. Consider one or more Destinations - (category links on the side bar)
       a. Write down those choices also.

3. Map out your route - (Google maps link under "TOOLS") - works best on a desktop or laptop computer.
       a. Once in Google, click the blue directions icon.
       b. Enter the beginning location on the first line.
       c. Enter the second location on the next line.
       d. Enter additional locations by clicking on the + sign.
       e. Once all the locations are entered, check the map to the right.
       f. To reorder the locations drag and drop the circles to the right of the locations.
       g. Click "DETAILS", print and go adventuring!

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